The Lynn Business Education Foundation is investing in the future of Lynn with grants, development and training, school-career transition programs, community participation, business-school partnerships and scholarships and awards. Below are brief descriptions of our major areas of focus.


  • This program encourages teachers to be creative in bringing new tools and techniques to the classroom.

    As a joint effort by the Foundation, teachers, parents, and principals, we provide small and large grants for the creation of innovative educational programs.


  • We believe training teachers and parents is the best investment in the future of our community.

    To this end, the Foundation helps parents discover ways to be involved with their children's education and educators learn the skills needed in today's information world.


  • The Foundation helps students understand the connection between school and career by recruiting career-based learning opportunities and building relationships between teachers and employers. Our efforts help ensure that students have enough information to make career decisions and that their education provides them with the basis upon which they can build successful careers throughout their lives.


  • The Foundation is committed to bringing people together around educational issues, so that communication between and among members of the Lynn community can take place to the mutual benefit of these members. The Foundation has convened discussions around issues including Pilot Schools, Parent Involvement, School Finance, and other Education Reform topics.


  • The Foundation works to develop partnerships, linking local businesses with schools, providing relationships that benefit both the school and the business.


  • The Foundation presents scholarships to graduating seniors from each of the five Lynn High Schools in addition to Academic and Leadership awards to students of different grade levels.

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