The mission of the Lynn Business Education Foundation is to mobilize the business and philanthropic communities to advocate and support systemic reform of the governance, financial management, and educational delivery system of the Lynn Public Schools.

It's a fact. No business works well without able employees. But businesses do not create able employees alone. Schools are the first step in the process.

That's why the Lynn Business/Education Foundation exists. It gives socially-concerned companies the chance to help Lynn schools succeed. Their students, in time, become the workforce that drives our economy.

As the conduit of private resources into the schools, we are able to stimulate new and different ways of teaching and learning. We encourage innovation and experimentation within schools by providing resources, both financial and human, for school efforts that result in increased academic achievement.

The Foundation needs progressive companies to donate time and resources to help out public schools in their quest for excellence. Your contribution can be in the form of financial help, or time spent by you or your employees in partnership with a Lynn school, bringing wisdom and expertise directly to those who will, in a few years, be in a position to repay you in kind.


The Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit local education fund governed by a Board of Directors with rotating terms of office. Board members represent the business community and various public sector constituencies. These can include students, parents, teachers, school administrators, elected officials, higher education personnel and community leaders. It is the role of these public sector constituencies to advise the business representatives of the current realities of public education today and to help drive decisions around Foundation goals, strategies, and initiatives.

The Corporation shall be nonpartisan and nonsectarian with no discrimination against race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, or the handicapped, and it shall wholly abstain from any political affiliation or endorsements of candidates for public office.

The Corporation will carry on any and all other activities which may be lawfully carried on by a corporation organized under Chapter 180 of the Massachusetts General Laws.


Obtained funding through the Library Power Grant helping to place librarians in all schools and purchase books for each school library.Library Power Grant

Since 2009 provide Robert Hastings Jr. Journalism Scholarship to a graduate of a Lynn High School. This award is in memory of Robert Hastings who died suddenly while serving as President of this Foundation.Robert Hastings Jr. Journalism Scholarship

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